Prepare to Weigh the Aircraft

So there are several things that need to be considered when getting an aircraft ready to be weighed. It is quite simple and easy to plan for. Lets take a look so you can  get ready to have the aircraft weighed and have the center of gravity calculated.


  • The fuel tank or tanks must be empty. Empty means all usable fuel removed and the tanks Sumped. Depending on the aircraft the drained unusable and undrainable unusable  fuel will be accounted for . I have found that there are many times I can weigh the aircraft with full fuel (topped off). My rule of thumb is aircraft that use jet fuel have large quantities of fuel and most times require that the fuel be removed.  Aircraft using Avgas (100LL or Mogas) can most times be weighed with full tanks if needed.
  • The oil must be topped off and full to the required amount for the engine in the aircraft or it must be empty and drained leaving unusable oil only
  • Hydraulic fluids must be topped off and full to the required amount.
  • Water holding and waste water tanks must be empty or as listed in the maintenance manual.
  • All items listed in the type certificate and on the equipment list  required for flight must be in the aircraft.
  • No item that is NOT listed on the type certificate required for flight can remain in the aircraft. So think about this for a moment because there are always clip boards, headsets, charts and so forth that must be removed.
  • The aircraft must be weighed in a hangar so as not to be effected by any outside influence.

PA 28

Because of liability we will not place the aircraft on the jack points, but will supply the load cells and load cell adapters needed to get an accurate weight. We also will not pull the aircraft onto the platform scales. You will be in control of the aircraft. We will level the aircraft for the weighing process using spirit levels and plum lines.


You may like to take a look at this link that follows. This is the FAA handbook and will paint a clear picture for you as you prepare. FAA Handbook 8083-1A

On-Site Weight & Balance Inc.

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